Proposal Definitionen


RFIRequest for Informationis a proposal requested from a potential seller or a service provider to determine what products and services are potentially available in the marketplace to meet a buyer’s needs.
RFPRequest for Proposalis issued at an early stage in a procurement process, where an invitation is presented for suppliers, often through a bidding process, to submit a proposal on a specific commodity or service. RFPs often include specifications of the item, project or service for which a proposal is requested.
(Einladung zur Angebotsabgabe)
RFQRequest for Quotationis used when discussions with bidders are not required (mainly when the specifications of a product or service are already known) and when price is the main or only factor in selecting the successful bidder.
(Einladung zur Angebotsabgabe inklusive Preisangabe)
RFTRequest for Tenderis a formal, structured invitation to suppliers for the supply of products or services.
(Einladung bei der Ausschreibung teilzunehmen)

(Quelle Wikipedia)